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Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky (also known as Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy, Akkerman, Ackerman) (90 km. From Odessa) is one of the oldest towns in Ukraine (2500 years). In 600 BC this was the site of the Greek colony of Tyras. By the 4th century BC it was a prosperous trading center, which even minted its own coinage. The Getae sacked it in the mid-1st century BC, but it revived. By the early 2nd century AD it was an important outpost on the frontier of the Roman Empire. In the late 3rd century the Goths destroyed it. The site was repopulated much later by the Tivertsians and Ulychians and named Bilhorod. In 1433-1454 the fortifications were renovated by the Turks, the round towers were connected with high ramparts to form enclosed citadel with inner courtyards and the fortress got the name of Akkerman (Ackerman). After 1812 the fortress continued to be one of the strongholds of the south frontier defense system of the Russian Empire at least 20 years onwards.

The city's architectural monuments include the well-preserved fortress (built in 1438–54 by Master Fedorko), with 26 turrets, 4 gates, and a citadel whose walls are almost 2 km long, and a restored church built during the 14th and 15th centuries



The archaeological excavations are still going on, the fortress opens every day something new to the scientists

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