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Odessa (Odesa) is the third largest Ukrainian city after Kiev and Kharkov, a major industrial, cultural, scientific, and resort center in the Northern Black Sea region. Population 1.132.000. Moderately continental and relatively mild climate, 290 sunny days in the year, short winter with an average temperature of around freezing point, long hot and dry summer (an average temperature of 25 Celsius), European service and best prices attract 100.000 tourists per year and make Odessa the largest Ukrainian resort on the coast of the Black Sea. Odessa attracts tourists by its boulevards and Prymorsky Stairs, the marine railway and beautiful beaches, numerous museums and the unusual architecture of old Odessa. More info

Kiev / Kyiv (Year of foundation: 482 A.D.) is the capital of Ukraine and one of the biggest cities in Europe. It has been standing on steep hills overlooking the Dnipro River for more than 1,500 years. In Kiev more than 2,000 objects belong to historical, cultural, and architectural monuments. The art and architecture of Kiev are world treasures. More info

Lviv (Lvov) is situated in the western part of Ukraine. It's a regional center on The Poltava and Zubrya Rivers. Population 800.000. The city is founded in the mid-13th century by the Galician-Volynian King Danylo Halytsky. From 1387 Lvov was ruled by Polish kings and was


the center of the voivodeship. In 1772 Lvov became a part of Austria, than it was a part of Russia. Lvov is a single place where Polish, Austrian, Russian and Ukrainian cultures are united into a single entity. More info

Uman (Human) is a city on the Umanka River.Uman is famous by Sofiyivka Arboretum known as the most romantic Ukrainian place founded in 1796. Built by the Belgian engineer L. Metletz at request of Count S. Potocki and named in honor of his wife Sofiya. The park occupied 160 ha of land. More info

Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky (Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, Akkerman until 1944) is a port city (100 km from Odessa). Population 70.000. It's one of the most ancient European cities. The city was founded as a Greek colony in 502 B.C. Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky is famous by its fortress. The fortress was built in 12-15 century on the ruins of the ancient Greek city.

The fortress was one of the largest and strongest European fortresses of the 18-19 centuries A.D. It is a unique monument - of medieval defense architecture, the largest and sturdiest structure of it kind in Ukraine. More info

Donetsk is a city in eastern Ukraine on the Kalmius river. Administratively, it is a center of Donetsk Oblast, while historically it is the unofficial capital and largest city of the Donetsk Basin region, or Donbass. The city's name is often simplified to Donetsk More Info

Dnipropetrovsk (Dnepropetrovsk) is situated on the Dnieper River (Dnepr or Dnipro) in East-Central Ukraine. Population 1.1 million. Large and beautiful, it is the main city of East-Central Ukraine. More Info

Ivano-Frankivsk lies in the Precarpathian plain where fast waters of the Nadvirnianska Bystrytsia and Solotvynska Bystrytsia join together. Ivano-Frankivsk is the regional center and one of the largest economic and cultural centers in the west of Ukraine. More Info

Kerch (also known as Kertch) is the city located in Crimea. It is very old city - people celebrated 2500'th birthday of it in 2000. More Info

Kharkiv (Kharkov) is the second largest city in Ukraine after Kiev. It is an industrial educational and cultural megalopolis with population of around 1.7 million people. More Info

Khmelnytskyy (also known as Khmelnitsky, Khmelnytskyi) is a regional city on the Southern Buh River. The population of the city is over 250,000. The city has been known since 1493 under the name of Ploskuriv. In the 1780's it was renamed Proskuriv. In 1941 the city became a regional center. In 1954 it was renamed in honour of the founder of Ukrainian Cossack State Bohdan Khmelnitsky (1595-1657). Khmelnitsky is an, industrial center of the region. The leading industries of the city include machine engineering and metalworking. More Info

The Kirovohrad region is situated in the center of Ukraine, in the Dnieper and the Southern Buh interfluve. A marker of the geographical center of Ukraine. More Info

Lugansk - administrative, economic and cultural centre Lugansk area (old name of the city - Voroshilovgrad).Arising the city in 1795, is connected with base on river Lugani first ironworks in Ukraine. Lugansk - a large industrial city of the Ukraine. It Is Located in northeasterly part Doneckogo pool. More Info

The city of Lutsk, first mentioned in the Ipatiyivsky chronicle in 1085, now is an administrative center of the Volyn oblast in the north-west region of Ukraine, surrounding the Styr River. More Info

Nikolayev (another name Nikolayev and Ukrainian name is Mykolaiv or Mytolayiv). The history of this city began in 1789 when building of the shipyard was developed in the lade of Ingul river. That was Prince G.A.Potyomkin who kept a vigilant eye on this process and after a year a small place arouse in the southern part of Ukraine which was named Nikolaev. More Info

Sevastopol (Sebastopol) is a city on the South Seashore of the Crimea. Crimea is a country of striking beauty - rolling, fertile countryside, with fruit farms and vineyards in the centre give way to the forested gorges and rocky escarpments of the mountains as you travel south towards the beaches of the Black Sea. And below the Yaila Mountains is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful coastlines in the world. More Info

Simferopol is the political, administrative and cultural center of Crimea and is located in the middle of the Crimean peninsula. "Simferopol" is a greek word and means "a town-collector". Actually, all Crimean's roads collect in Simferopol. So whatever you would like to go in Crimea you should almost for sure visit Simferopol first. More Info

Sumy is situated in the northeastern part of Ukraine. Sumy is the capital of Sumy region (Sumshchyna). On the north and east it borders upon Bryans’k, Kurs’k, Byelhorod regions of Russia, on the south and the southern east – Poltavavs’ka, Kharkivs’ka, on the west – Chernihiv region of Ukraine. More Info

Ternopil is the capital of Ternopil region (oblast). More Info

Uzhhorod, an ancient Ukrainian city with more than eleven centuries history, is a regional centre of Zakarpattia (Transcarpathia). This area, located in the geographical centre of Europe with its beautiful mountains, waterfalls and Alpine valleys can be truly named one of the most picturesque regions of Ukraine. More Info

Vinnitsa as a small settlement was founded on the picturesque banks of the Southern Bug river in 1363 by Lithuanian Prince Olgert. More Info

Evpatoria or Yevpatoriya is a city located on the Crimean Peninsula north-west of Simferopol . With a population of 108,000 inhabitants, it is one of the major Ukrainian Black Sea ports, a rail hub, and a resort town. More Info

Zaporizhzhya, located on the east bank in the lower Dnieper River, occupies an important historic territory More Info

Zhytomyr (also known as Zhitomir) city is the capital of Zhytomyr region, central Ukraine, on the Teteriv River, a tributary of the Dnieper. It is a road and rail junction in an agricultural area. More Info

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