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Kerch (Kertch) City Information



Kerch (also known as Kertch) is the city located in Crimea. It is very old city - people celebrated 2500’Th birthday of it in 2000.

Kerch peninsula having always been a crossroads of marine and overland trade routs has preserved the remains of different cultures and civilizations in monuments of Antiquity, Middle Ages and new time. World archeological and architectural treasury includes the excavation of antique settlements and funeral crypts of Bosporus State capital - Pantikapei. The masterpieces of Bosporus funeral architecture are the Imperial barrow; church of John Predtechi - one of' the best-known monuments of the Byzantine architecture of IX-X centuries; fortress Yenikale - monuments of Turkish Empire. All these objects tell you about great skill of the ancient architects, mode of life and culture, history of many peoples, inhabited Kerch peninsula, which is named as archeological reservation.

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