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Mykolayiv (Nikolayev) City Information


Over 210 years of its being Nikolaev (another name Nikolayev and Ukrainian name is Mykolaiv or Mytolayiv) was able to make a good name for itself like an important business and political center, having become Southern cultured center of Ukraine. Its citizens love their wonderful place which has enormous potentials of economical development and wellbeing.

The history of this city began in 1789 when building of the shipyard was developed in the lade of Ingul river. That was Prince G.A.Potyomkin who kept a vigilant eye on this process and after a year a small place arouse in the southern part of Ukraine which was named Nikolaev.

Nikolaev contains more than 500 thousand of inhabitants and takes the ninth place by the quantity of population at the present time in Ukraine.

The main part in the structure of Nikolaev industry belongs to engineering and metal-working among which it is marked down such branches as shipbuilding and energy machine building. Nikolaev industrial enterprises provide about 50% of the whole content of Ukrainian shipbuilding production, more than 90% of manufacturing of state gas turbines, and 80% of argil accounting for aluminum.

The main branch shipbuilding is introduced by three large shipbuilding plants which are able to build and supply any kind of ships. They are state enterprises and called "Chernomorsky shipbuilding plant", "Shipbuilding plant of 61 communars" and "Ocean". Ship tanks, dry


cargo carriers, refrigerators, trawlers, warships of different types are direct materials of these powerful plants.

In addition some establishments of electrical and electronic industry, completed with high master stuffs, are located in the city.

Wide spread transport infrastructure, which includes sea and river ports, railway communication, two airports and freeway in conjunction with powerful industrial base, research and designed institutions, construction department, make significant potential for the city's wellbeing.

The most important part in the provision of vital activity in the city belongs to support and


development of the science, education, culture and health care.

Nikolaev is a famous center of higher education and science. Every year its institutions release about 2,5 thousand of high degree specialists. And the most interesting fact is that half of these crafts could be got nowhere in the country. Ukrainian State Sea Technical University, which prepares stuffs in the field of the newest technology of ship production, Nikolaev National Pedagogical University, Nikolaev department of Kiev State Institute of Culture and Agrarian Academy should be marked down among leading institutions of Nikolaev.

There are seven colleges and junior technical schools, polytechnic collage, building collage, four higher schools, including medical and musical ones. About 73 thousand of young people go to 80 comprehensive schools. Lately some changes in the system of secondary level school education happened which consisted in the intention of giving mutual conditions for learning to the most capable children. Two humanitarian gymnasiums were created with this purpose. One gymnasium was built with pedagogical grade. Information-mathematical, physico-mathematical and two economical lyceums work in Nikolaev as well. A school of midshipmen is attached to Ukrainian State Sea University.

Nikolaev has considerable resources of health care. It has 16 hospitals for grown ups and 5 ones for children, 5 maternity homes, 14 day hospital centers and policlinics, 7 health centers.

Nikolaev is well known by its sport schools' traditions. Higher school of physical culture and sport, higher school of sport skill and 24 sport schools for children and juveniles make preparation of sportsmen in this city.

There are three stadiums such as Palace of Sport which is called "Zorya", sport complex "Nadia", sport combine "Gart", regional chess club for all the sportsmen and solicitous people.

There is fertile spiritual and cultural potential here. The oldest art theatre of Russian drama and collective of regional philharmonic attract the biggest attention among the citizens. The activity of different cultural clubs contributes the development of folk art. There are two Palaces of Culture here, 10 cultural centers and 8 clubs. Museums, exhibition's halls and art salons work as well.

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