odessa ukraine

Odessa city is the one of the largest cities of Ukraine, the second most developed and the richest Ukrainian city after the city of Kiev (Kiev is the capital of Ukraine), the largest Ukrainian seaport and Black Sea resort zone.

Odessa is situated in the South of Ukraine, along the coast of the Black Sea. The population of Odessa is 1.1 mln. There are more than 200 nationalities are living in Odessa but Russians and Ukrainians predominate. Russian is spoken language in Odessa Ukraine. The major religion is Orthodox Christianity. However there are 3 catholic cathedrals, 1 mosque, dozens of religious brotherhoods and protestant churches in Odessa.

Odessa is the largest Ukrainian trading complex. All Ukrainian import as well Ukrainian export is coming through the seaport of Odessa. The largest and the cheapest Ukrainian wholesale market The 7th kilometer is located in Odessa. Total area of the market is 90 hectares. Odessa city has strong governmental and business relationships with Russia, China, Poland, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece.

Odessa is also the largest Ukrainian Black Sea resort. Short and mild snow less winter with an average temperature of around 0 - +5 Celsius, Hot long summer, 290 sunny days in the year, an average summer temperature of +25 Celsius (In total the temperature in Odessa is the most favourable for human body: it is not hot and it is not cold), Odessa beaches and multiple sights make Odessa is the most popular travel zone of Ukraine

Odessa in Ukraine is also dominating in sea business. There is ship manufacturing and repairing factory, fish fleet. Thousands of sea business specialists are graduated every year from Odessa sea business universities. Almost all of them are employed by foreign companies to work outside of Ukraine

Odessa was founded in 1794 by order of Russian Empress Catherine the Great on the place of Turkish fortress Khadzhibei, which was occupied by Russian Army in 1789. Odessa became the 4th largest developed city in Russian Empire by 1894 (hundredth anniversary) after Petersburg (the capital of Russia), Moscow and the city of Warsaw.