sights of odessa

Primorsky Boulevard. Because of the numerous magnificent buildings, the Primorsky boulevard is in Odessa kicks it the more beautiful and extensively forbidden to the automotive circulation.

Monument to Richelieu. Duke de Richelieu, French nobleman, soldier and statesman who, as premier of France (1815-18 and 1820-21), obtained the withdrawal of the Allied occupation army from France. Earlier, he had served Russia as governor of Odessa and was notable for his progressive administration there

The Potemkin Steps are a formal entrance into the city from the direction of the sea. The stairs leading from Prymorsky Boulevard down to the sea were constructed from 1837 through 1841 to the design of the architect F. Bofford. This imposing monument numbers 192 stairs arranged in ten flights and flanked by two-meters thick parapets.

Don Josef de Ribas, a soldier of fortune born in Naples of Spanish and Irish stock and one of many adventures in Catherine's service, stormed the fortress of Yeny-Dunai at Khadzhibei.

Monument to A. Pushkin. A granite pedestal executed according to the plan drawn up by the architect Kh. Vasilyev, is given the form of a truncated pyramid edges.

Monument to Duke de Richelieu, French nobleman At the Primorskij Boulevard's west end note the (pre-revolutionary) governor's palace, which incidentally was heavily damaged in 1854 when the British and French bombarded it.
Count Vorontsov built a Grecian colonnade which overlooks the harbor and also provides a fine view of the bay.

Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre. The existence of the theatre in the city of Odessa began from the first days of the city's foundation. The Opera & Ballet Theatre is entitled to be called the elder among a great number of cultural institutions

Bronze statue of M.S. Vorontsov stands on a high pedestal of Crimean diorite in the Soviet Army Square. This monument to the governor-general of the Novorossiysk Territory was erected in 1863. Authors of monument are
sculptor F. Brugger from Munich and architect F. Boffod from Odessa.

Catacombs. Odessa is located on land that millions of years ago was covered by the Black Sea. Shells of mollusks combined and formed light yellow shell rock. Examining any of this rock, a person can see that it is composed of millions of shells.