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Odessa - Lvov. 8 days. Odessa 5 days. Lvov 3 days. (7 nights / 8 days)


1st day. Odessa
Walking Tour. Old Town visiting. 3 hours.
Monument to Richelieu. The Potemkin Stairs. Don Josef de Ribas. Primorsky Boulevard. Monument to A. Pushkin. Monument to Vorontsov. Colonnade of the Vorontsov Palace. Opera and Ballet Theatre. City Hall. Odessa Sea Port. Old Stock Exchange. Deribasovskaya St. Vorontsov Palace.

2nd day. Odessa
Catacombs. 4 hours
Night Life. 3 hours

3rd day. Lviv (Lvov)
Walking Tour. Old Town visiting. 3 hours.
Italian Plato. Black Stone House. The Town Hall. Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre. Armenian Cathedral. Church of the Dominicans. Latin Metropolitan Cathedral. The Chapel of Boims. L'viv State University.

4th day. Lviv (Lvov)
Museum of Folk Architecture "Shevchenkivskiy Gaiy". 2 hours
Lychakov Cemetery. 2 hours
Lvov Night Life. 3 hours

5th day. Lviv (Lvov)
The Museum of History of Religion. The National Museum in Lviv. Lviv Art Gallery. Shopping. 5 hours

6th day. Odessa
Odessa Museums. Art Museum. Wax museum. 4 hours
Shopping.1 hour

7th day. Odessa
Odessa Cathedrals & Monasteries. 4 hours
The Museum of the War World 2. 2 hours

8th day.
Transfer to Odessa Airport. Leaving Ukraine

Rate includes: Odessa Airport - Odessa hotel - Odessa Airport , central located apartments in Lvov and Odessa, transfer Odessa - Lvov - Odessa, excursions, taxes, travel escort service. $691.00 - $1375.00

Tour program can be changed in accordance to your wish.
Just inform us which cities you like to visit, how many days you are going to stay in Ukraine and we'll make exclusive program for you.

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