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The Ukrainian Orthodox Church is an autonomous church of Eastern Orthodoxy in Ukraine, under the Patriarch of Moscow. The church is one of the two major rival Ukrainian Orthodox churches (the other being the Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Kiev Patriarchy) and is often referred to as Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Moscow Patriarchy (UOC-MP).

Formerly known as Ukrainian exarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church since October 27, 1990 the UOC-MP operates as an autonomous church (one step short of full autocephaly) and considers itself to be a Ukrainian exarch of the Moscow Patriarchy as well as the descendant of the Orthodox Church of Kiev and all Rus' in Ukraine, thus claiming a direct lineage to the original Baptism of Rus' by St. Vladimir (Volodymyr) in 988.

The Metropolitan Volodymyr (Viktor Sabodan) is enthroned since 1992 as the head of the UOC-MP under the title Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine.


The UOC-MP is currently the only Ukrainian church to have canonical standing (legal recognition) in Eastern Orthodoxy world-wide, and operates in communion with the other Eastern Orthodox Churches. It also owns the majority of Orthodox church buildings in Ukraine and is predominant in eastern and southern Ukraine.

The official residency of Metropolitan Volodymyr is in Kiev Pechersk Lavra (Monastery of the Caves) in Kiev (Kyiv).

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