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Railway tickets

Ukraine Railway tickets.

We can book Ukrainian train tickets for you and deliver them to your someone's address in Ukraine, or hand them over to you at the airport.

Please note, that tickets are bookable 10 days to a departure date. After this term tickets are not available for booking.

For making a booking, please, send us e-mail. Within 24 working hours from the moment your request for booking is submitted, we will confirm the availability.

Available ways of payment: bank, wire transfer or Western Union.

Tickets can be delivered to major cities of Ukraine by a local courier service. Delivery of tickets within Ukraine is USD 10, if not on the week-end or Holidays or assigned hours. If latter, delivery is USD 15 per package. Delivery is made within 2 business days. Tickets can be handed over by our English-speaking travel agents in all cities of Ukraine.

Visit our trains in Ukraine guide to read about trains and cabins classification.

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