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How to get from Berlin to Dresden

Tickets purchased. The route is formed. Suitcases packed. In addition to the usual winter jackets, just in case, threw sweaters and warm clothes. We did it right, we still didn’t know how much they would be useful to us.

The flight from Moscow was early, somewhere around 6 in the morning. So, in Domodedovo you have to be at 3-4 am. Aeroexpress does not run at such a time, taxis are expensive, so we decided to take a shuttle bus that leaves from the Domodedovo metro station.
We arrived safely at the airport, underwent a landing procedure and flew to Berlin Tegel airport.

The first point of our Christmas route in Germany was Dresden. Somewhere a month before the trip, we had no doubt that we were going from Berlin to Dresden by train. It turned out that it would be necessary to get from the airport to the railway station (taxi or public transport, it turns out about 10 euros), to buy a ticket that costs about 35 euros. Moreover, this is the price of a regional train, it takes 3.5 hours and is not direct. That is, it will be necessary in the middle of the way to transfer to another train.

In general, we were very upset, presented how we carry out all these complex movements with suitcases and spend a lot of time on the train in this version.
We thought we thought, rummaged through the Internet and looked for workarounds. They even found the website of fellow travelers. That is, people who drive to work or on other business to another city, for example from Berlin to Dresden, offer their services. Like, I'll throw you up to the place, and you will pay me a little money for it. You are well and I am pleased.

Yes, the idea is cool. And it's great that there are such sites. But we found another option. Not a train or a car.

Just a bus that goes along the route Tegel Airport - Dresden.

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