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New Year in Prague - How to celebrate New Year 2019 is fun in the Czech Republic

  1. What is the weather in Prague for New Year 2019
  2. Where to celebrate New Year 2019 in Prague
  3. Where else can you celebrate New Year in Prague
  4. The best restaurants and cafes in Prague where to celebrate the New Year 2019
  5. Cafes and restaurants of Prague on New Year's Eve
  6. French Restaurant Bellevue
  7. Restaurant "Coda restaurant"
  8. Restaurant "Zlatá Praha" (Zlata Prague)
  9. Restaurant Prague “Oblaca Restaurant”
  10. Restaurant "L" od Európé Praha Vltava "(Ship" Europe "on the Vltava)
  11. Medieval Tavern “At the King of Brabant” (Krčma U krále Brabantského)
  12. Flights from Moscow to Prague
  13. Prague Hotels for New Year
  14. New Year tours to Prague. New Year in Prague 2019: tour prices
  15. New Year in Prague: tips and reviews from tourists

The capital of the Czech Republic on the eve of the upcoming major winter holidays is turning into a real Christmas tale. New Year in Prague is incomparable. I want to come back here again and again.

Where to meet and celebrate New Year's holidays in Prague, what to do and which restaurants are better, which hotel to choose? How much is food, accommodation, what is the weather and how to celebrate New Year in Prague - 2019?

How to spend the most wonderful New Year - New Year 2019 in Prague:

Now you will learn almost everything about New Year's Prague! What is the weather like for the New Year, what restaurants and hotels provide a New Year's program, where lobsters are served and whether it is worth celebrating the New Year In Prague on the main square, how much does it cost to fly from Moscow to Prague, as well as current and working tips and reviews of tourists who are already there have visited.

Old streets and no less old houses of the Middle Ages, Gothic turrets of churches, temples and castles. Stone bridges and cobblestone pavements. The real Christmas spirit is in the air. Driving the breeze throughout the town, the mouth-watering aroma of fried and smoked meat flows. The air was filled with the taste of malt and barley - they brew real beer according to an ancient recipe ... I am in the capital of the Czech Republic - Prague.

What is the weather in Prague for New Year 2019

December and January are the same with the weather. And in that and the other month the air temperature is minus. The only difference is that in January it is a little cooler -2 ... -5˚С, and in December it is 0˚С and a little bit warmer.

Look and remember the late autumn in Russia, however, and now we have winters and not winters at all: crackling frosts only in Surgut. And in Prague it is comfortable and favorable for evening walks and excursions to wonderful places.

Although there will be little sun and rainfall in the form of wet snow or rain, it still does not frighten inveterate tourists from a fun and good holiday. On New Year's Eve, the spirit of Anderson reigns in Prague (Remember Gerda and Kai from the Snow Queen).

Prague is located on a hilly area, and if you want to climb higher, dress appropriately. The wind does not blow down, but gusty and reinforced. We won’t scare us - we already live and breathe a holiday.

Where to celebrate New Year 2019 in Prague

Thousands of tourists want to get to the Czech capital. Medieval streets, Gothic buildings, cobblestone pavements, a myriad of lights of luminous New Year's illumination, and of course museums, theaters, art galleries and ancient bridges - countless.

Medieval streets, Gothic buildings, cobblestone pavements, a myriad of lights of luminous New Year's illumination, and of course museums, theaters, art galleries and ancient bridges - countless

Charles bridge in Prague

For one trip you can’t visit all the sights of Prague, one hundred percent! You should come here again, or maybe two. And you will love this Czech town.

For fans of noisy parties and with the company, you can celebrate the New Year on Old Town Square. It seems that the whole city is merging here - there are a lot of people, like on Red Square in Moscow during a salute. People come to this square to make a wish on Charles Bridge to the chiming clock.

A drunken and restless crowd of tourists and locals drink, sing and dance. If you have already decided to celebrate a holiday here, then dress warmly. You won’t be hungry - there are many tents with Christmas food: Prague sausages, sweets, pastries.

Where else can you celebrate New Year in Prague

Where else can you celebrate New Year in Prague

In addition to the Old Town Square, you can go to Wenceslas Square, but unfortunately, there are many people there. A good option to see the fireworks and the New Year holiday as a whole. By visiting Charles Bridge, the embankment or take a walk on a boat on the Vltava River.

If you just look at the salute, then a river walk will cost you 50 € (euro) - for 2 hours. The real full program for New Year 2019 on a boat on Prague at night with champagne, with a gala dinner and fireworks costs 150 € (euro).

Until now, there has been talk of meeting the holiday on the street. You can have a good time in a warm and cozy cafe. But in Prague there are restaurants that are amazing for their gourmet dishes.

Where can I celebrate the New Year 2019?

The best restaurants and cafes in Prague where to celebrate the New Year 2019

In the beginning, you need to understand that about half a million people come to New Year's Eve in Prague. Add to them the inhabitants of the Czech capital, and you get an impressive audience.

Many people want to celebrate a holiday at a table in a fun company with an interesting entertainment program. And people who are not the first time to do this will reserve a table in advance.

Typically, information appears on the official websites of the restaurant in late October - early November. Follow the rule: the sooner, the more confident.

Cafes and restaurants of Prague on New Year's Eve

As for the choice of decent restaurants in Prague for the New Year, we will say this (price per person): for everyone, according to their budget and budget, you can find a place where to celebrate the New Year in Prague perfectly.

French Restaurant Bellevue

French Restaurant Bellevue

Great choice! Celebrate the festival with exquisite dishes and real champagne, listen to live music, admire the salute on the Charles Bridge and the Old Town through panoramic huge windows.

Menu: in Russian.

Cuisine: Czech and French.

Prices: from 200 € (euro).

Restaurant "Coda restaurant"

Another nice place to celebrate the New Year. Caviar, veal, duck, oysters with an abundance of strong drinks, tea and coffee. Great views of Prague.

Menu: in Russian.

Cuisine: Czech and French.

Prices: from 280 € (euro).

Restaurant "Zlatá Praha" (Zlata Prague)

Restaurant Zlatá Praha (Zlata Prague)

The most famous and expensive restaurant in Prague. Located in the hotel "InterContinental Praha 5 *". Panoramic view of the main square. Exit to the terrace to view the fireworks. Refined dishes: ham, lobster, ham, cheese, mussels. For each dish, wine is selected. Without evening dress they will not let you in. Live music.

Menu: in Russian.

Cuisine: French and Czech.

Prices: from 400 € (euro) per adult and from 270 € (euro) per child.

Restaurant Prague “Oblaca Restaurant”

Restaurant Prague “Oblaca Restaurant”

Want to celebrate New Year 2018 in Prague at the height of the clouds? You have a chance to settle down in a cozy place at the festive table with European cuisine at the window in the television tower at an altitude of 66 meters. Isn't that great?

Menu: no in Russian

Cuisine: modern European, vegetarian

Prices: from 150 € (Euro)

Restaurant "L" od Európé Praha Vltava "(Ship" Europe "on the Vltava)

The most original decision to celebrate New Year in Prague is on the Vltava River. The ship will sail through the historical part of Prague, at midnight it will stop at Charles Bridge to watch the salute.

Menu: buffet and unlimited beer and wine.

Cost: from 120 € (euro).

Medieval Tavern “At the King of Brabant” (Krčma U krále Brabantského)

To celebrate the New Year in Prague in a medieval style is an original decision. In a festive performance: a knightly tournament and a fire show with torches, a belly dance. Just imagine that this institution has been operating since 1375, how much it has been saturated with the ancient past.

Menu: in Russian

Cuisine: Czech

price: from 130 € (euro)

In general, you can choose a place suitable for your wallet, menu and program, where you can perfectly celebrate New Year in Prague. If you wish, you don’t have to look for a restaurant in the city center - in Detinets, for example, there is a wonderful medieval castle and awesome cuisine.

What to wear for the New Year 2019 according to the signs of the zodiac?

Flights from Moscow to Prague

Flights to Prague in December 2018 - early January 2019. Prices dance like guests on a holiday. Today they are so much, and tomorrow they already "ran uphill."

To stay with your own and save a little, you should take care of plane tickets in advance. There is, of course, the opportunity to use the services of low-cost airlines or even “jump” through the cities after 2-3 transfers.

The cost of the direct flight Moscow-Prague is from 90 to 270 euros.

The flight from Moscow to Prague takes some 2-3 hours on a direct flight. Such flights are operated by 2 companies: Aeroflot and Czech Airlines. But plane tickets in this case are not cheap.

The cheapest tickets to Prague are offered by Air Serbia from 90 € (euro). Such a low price for a flight is valid only on Monday December 18 and on Tuesday December 19. The closer to the New Year - the price is rising!

You can also save on flights. If you take tickets to Prague in advance, there and back and with transfers. It’s also worth taking a look at neighboring dates. Very convenient flight price comparison service aviasales.ru .

Prague Hotels for New Year

Do not do without housing. We advise you to book the hotel yourself in advance. Cheap hotel prices appear from December 27 to December 28. As elsewhere, there is a choice: who just spend the night in a hostel, and someone and celebrate with noisy companies or in the family.

The hostel is most often populated by young people and independent travelers. And for couples or romantic persons it is worth taking a look at hotels that offer New Year's programs in their restaurants.

More important information: you need to search and book a suitable hotel better at hotellook.ru and three star hotels are good enough to celebrate New Year

Popular Prague hotels for the New Year according to the positive reviews of tourists (in the city center 3, 4 and 5 stars, most with the program, prices are per day / night in rubles):

  1. Grandior Hotel Prague 5 * - 10300
  2. Ambassador Zlata Husa 5 * - 10000
  3. Hotel King David Prague 5 * - 9800
  4. Hotel Majestic Plaza 4 * - 5200
  5. Grand Majestic Plaza 4 * - 7800
  6. Amarilis Hotel 4 * - 8700
  7. Hotel Beseda Prague 4 * - 10600
  8. Koruna Hotel Prague 3 * - 2800
  9. APARTMENTS PUSHKIN Prague 1 3 * - 4800
  10. Prague Golden Age 3 * - 3800
  11. Ritchie's Hostel & Hotel - Hostel - 1400
  12. Downtown - Hostel - 1300
  13. Hostel Boudnik - 1350

New Year tours to Prague. New Year in Prague 2019: tour prices

Tours, especially for the New Year's holiday, are sorted like sweet cakes. As long as there is a hot offer - it’s not a sin to use it! You can still manage to get on the step of the outgoing happy holiday.

The cost of a New Year's tour to the Czech capital depends on a number of factors: time, location and service. It is clear that the closer to the event, the higher the price. But there is always a choice and you decide whether to make a tour yourself or take advantage of the offer.

We compared the prices for New Year's tours, filtered by the necessary parameters on the search services: Level.travel and Travelata .

You can buy the cheapest tour with a departure on December 27-28 for 5-6 nights in the range of 50-60 thousand rubles.

December 31 for the same number of days the price of the tour will be from 65 thousand.

If you want to spend the New Year holidays in Prague without celebrating the New Year, in January 2018 - the cost of a tour package with a child from 45 thousand rubles.

New Year Tour to Prague in Hotels with Breakfast:

  • Hotel U Sladku 3 * - from 58 thousand
  • Hilton Prague 5 * - from 75 thousand (departure 31.12 for 3 nights)
  • Iris Hotel Eden 4 * - from 52 thousand
  • Start 3 * - from 45 thousand

In addition to the usual leisure tours, you should take a look at sightseeing tours. And there are many excursion programs in Prague. It is best to use the service for the selection of excursions and live Russian-speaking guides on weatlas.com .

New Year in Prague: tips and reviews from tourists

New Year in Prague: tips and reviews from tourists

People who have already visited the Czech capital during the New Year holidays share tips with you. They speak:

  1. On New Year's and Christmas, a large number of tourists come to Prague.
  2. Choose a hotel in the center, within walking distance.
  3. Postpone the walk in Prague at night the day after the celebration.
  4. Book a restaurant and hotel in advance. The place will definitely not be free.
  5. The metro is open until 2 a.m. Taxis are very expensive.
  6. If you are still going to go outside, then dress warmer and take strong drinks with you.
  7. Do not worry about the language. Most vacationers and celebrants are Russians.
  8. Set aside shopping after the holidays. Shops (most) close on December 25, Catholic Christmas.
  9. January 1, exchange offices do not work.
  10. According to tourists' reviews - good advice - check the checks in the cafe.

The conclusion suggests itself - to visit and celebrate the New Year in Prague is definitely worth it. Moreover, the cost of New Year holidays in the Czech Republic compared with other European countries is much less. Do not forget to try traditional Czech dishes and delicious beer.

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