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Romantic dinner on Valentine's Day: from treats to decoration

  1. Food
  2. The drinks
  3. Registration

Table of contents:

  1. Food
  2. The drinks
  3. Registration

For many, February 14 is a special time when you can arrange a real holiday of romance for yourself and your half, because this Valentine's Day . In order for a small celebration for two to pass without a hitch, everything must be prepared in advance: from a valentine (a small card, usually in the shape of a heart with a declaration of love) to a romantic meal in a special setting. How to do this without the skills of a chef and designer?


Romantic dinner on Valentine's Day different from the usual holiday feast. You should not include in the menu a lot of different dishes, 2-3 light meals are enough, which can be quickly prepared, easy and graceful to eat and not to suffer from the heavy stomach pain In general, with regard to a tête-à-tête treat for the evening, you should follow simple rules:

  1. It is better to give preference to familiar dishes or those prepared from already tried products. February 14 is not the best day for culinary experiments, because in case of unsuccessful circumstances a couple may face severe allergies or indigestion.
  2. Anything that has bones should be excluded from the menu. If you want to cook chicken or fish, then let it be a fillet that can be easily cut with a knife and fork.
  3. It also makes sense to abandon the soup, especially hot. Few people manage to elegantly wield a spoon while maintaining small talk.
  4. We'll have to give up products with a pungent smell and taste. Favorite by many garlic and onions are not the best companions of romance. Smoked fish and spicy cheese are also on this list. Approximately for the same reason it is necessary to do without cabbage.
  5. A la carte dishes look much more attractive, so even a salad should be served immediately on two separate plates.

Observing these simple rules, you can prepare treats that truly decorate a romantic evening and do not require standing for hours at the stove. Quite quickly cooked chicken breast baked in the oven (it is marinated for about 30 minutes and cooked as much in the sleeve or in foil); various canape ; salad of cherry tomatoes, boiled quail eggs and fresh cucumbers, etc. Observing these simple rules, you can prepare treats that truly decorate a romantic evening and do not require standing for hours at the stove

The drinks

What to cook for a romantic dinner on Valentine's Day from drinks? Should I Drink Alcohol? These questions can worry no less than treats for the evening. So what to prefer?

  1. If a woman and a man have nothing against alcohol, then it is best to stock up on wine or champagne. Red wine is suitable for meat, eggs and most Italian dishes (pasta, pizza), white - for fish and vegetable dishes.
  2. Dear brandy can also be considered a good choice, but you should drink it in moderation and best of all in the second half of the dinner, and even after it.
  3. Alcoholic cocktails greatly diversify the meal, but you should not drink their meals (this applies primarily to sugary drinks). It is best to use them as an aperitif or for dessert.
  4. Opponents of alcohol can be advised juice, plain water or non-alcoholic cocktails.

If someone wants to try an alcoholic cocktail in a pair, and the other prefers to remain completely sober, then you can make a drink, in one part of which the alcoholic ingredient is added, but not in the other. For example, “Jaguar”: 1/4 tbsp is taken for half a cup of lemonade. ice and 50 ml of citrus or banana juice. All ingredients are mixed in a shaker, and vodka (20 ml) and fruit liqueur (20 ml) will add degrees.


Stocking up with the necessary products and preparing treats, it is necessary to calculate the time so that it remains also for the decoration of the dishes and the table, as it is only half the battle to prepare a romantic dinner for Valentine's Day.

  1. Hearts. All that can be done in the form of hearts, it is necessary to prepare this way. Even simple sandwiches will become special if you cut the bread with a cookie cutter. It is best to decorate such pieces with something red, for example, caviar.
  2. Red color. It is believed that red is the color of passion and love, so it will be appropriate on the table. However, everything should not be done in red. You can do scattered rose petals on a white tablecloth or dishes of the same shade.

    You can do scattered rose petals on a white tablecloth or dishes of the same shade

  3. Portion snacks. If prepared for the evening salad without mayonnaise then it can be served in tall glasses and the sauce put on the table separately. Puff salads are best cooked immediately on a plate, pouring the ingredients into the form. It can be made by hand by cutting out the middle of a plastic bottle. And for more complex forms (for example, the heart) use foil.
  4. Dessert. It is best to serve dessert on a separate plate. Cutting pieces from a large cake in the center of the table is inappropriate on a romantic evening. Cakes, cupcakes, etc. Sprinkle with powdered sugar, and light ice cream can be poured with red berry jam.

    Sprinkle with powdered sugar, and light ice cream can be poured with red berry jam

  5. Candles. Candles - an indispensable attribute of dinner together on February 14. Only you need to choose those that will not interfere with the conversation. The most suitable option - floating candles in a small flat vase in the center of the table, you can throw a few rose petals into the water.

Not only what will be on the table, it should turn out perfectly. A suitable atmosphere is also needed around: purity, order, softly playing music and dim lights. However, do not forget that each pair is unique and everyone has different tastes, so all the rules can only be recommendations. You need to focus on the taste of your halves and your

How to do this without the skills of a chef and designer?
Should I Drink Alcohol?
So what to prefer?
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